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Two Weeks Adrift. Boat & Bank Life 2

So, after many months prep, those two weeks in France arrived.

The first venue of 70 acres turned into a blank week, so it was a change of venue for week 2. And with that being only 6 acres I hoped to be closer to the fish?

After some weather changes through the week, I finally managed to extract one of the residents. A Mirror weighing in at 42lb falling to the EVG baits and particles Octoberry hard hooker, fished as a snowman with a 12mm Diablo pop up. And coupled with their particle range, Hemp and Maize.

With the blank out the way I managed one more fish on the final night another mirror of 34lb this one falling to an Octoberry hard hooker snowman style with a Banutz 12mm pop up. Both fish fell to Poltergeist tackles Krank size 4’s coupled with their terminal tackle range making up a fluorocarbon D rig. My perfect partners for all my fishing exploits home and abroad.

Thanks to our tester Christian for sharing his angling adventure with us #TeamGhost

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