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Potters pen strokes

So, with an impending weed clearing work party on the Sunday. I took the decision to do the Saturday mid-morning and night, at one of my syndicates. The weather was going to be a scorcher? not conducive to fishing. Along with the floating and oxygenation weed present in the lake. Then Zigs or surface fishing with the bird life was out the question. But in it to win it so to speak, and spending time in nature with my dog Willow, we arrived late morning. After setting up and cl

Two Weeks Adrift. Boat & Bank Life 2

So, after many months prep, those two weeks in France arrived. The first venue of 70 acres turned into a blank week, so it was a change of venue for week 2. And with that being only 6 acres I hoped to be closer to the fish? After some weather changes through the week, I finally managed to extract one of the residents. A Mirror weighing in at 42lb falling to the EVG baits and particles Octoberry hard hooker, fished as a snowman with a 12mm Diablo pop up. And coupled with their

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