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Potters pen strokes

So, with an impending weed clearing work party on the Sunday. I took the decision to do the Saturday mid-morning and night, at one of my syndicates.

The weather was going to be a scorcher? not conducive to fishing. Along with the floating and oxygenation weed present in the lake. Then Zigs or surface fishing with the bird life was out the question. But in it to win it so to speak, and spending time in nature with my dog Willow, we arrived late morning.

After setting up and clearing some spots in the weed to present and for line lay on one rod. The other two rods were placed on washing line rigs, which are perfect for this small intermate venue.

Rigs were a mixture of slip d and my version of a loopy rig, giving maximum chance for hooking and holding in the weed.

The day passed into late afternoon, when I received my first take from a washing line rig. It’s a specific type of bite, being that it is under tension. That single bleep as the line pulls free and the indicator drops before a quiet few seconds and the line picks up tight again. After a short battle amongst the weed one of the stockies graced the net.

The rod was reset and three hours later the other rod was away, a drawn-out battle in the weed resulted in an upper double common.

The rest of the day passed without any further action. Not until early hours of Sunday morning when the washing line rig was away again. After the fight in the early light, I slipped the net under a perfect Linear mirror. I was impressed, but the dog Willow couldn’t even stir from her bed.

The rod was reset with hopes of another take before the sun rose in the sky. But it was the rod which I had raked the day before that sprung into action with the rod top at near full compression and the Fox NTX shouting out at me. The fight was short, and I managed to steer it through the weed into the net. This was a pristine Ghost Common, not really a strain I like catching. But in the morning sun the colours were indeed pretty spectacular. And that was that time to pack down in readiness for the weed clearing from 10am.

It’s a tricky venue and doesn’t give up its residents easy, so felt even better for the effort put in. But you don’t catch without a good bait and terminal tackle to land them. EVG’s Octoberry bottom baits over their pellet, coupled with Poltergeist’s terminal tackles Curve Shank and Wide Gapes was the winning combo. Drop off In lines from Steve’s Leads drove the hooks home before ejecting to help with landing them.

Thanks again to our tester Christian for his angling adventures #TeamGhost

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