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Guide to blowback rigs

2. Strip back 5-6 inches of the coating and form an overhand loop knot for the hair.

3. Slide on a rig ring to your link material.

4. Decide on your hair length. This can also be done by attaching your chosen bait first. Then using an overhand knot to attach the ring, hold it roughly in line with the hook barb before tightening.

5. Still holding the ring in place, pass the material through the back of the hook eye.

6. Whip the material back from the eye 6-9 times, whatever is preferable, before again passing the link through the back of the eye.

7. This should leave you about an inch of uncoated material. Gently pull the rig over you hand to make sure the hook flips.

8. Take the other end of your link material and form a figure of 8 loop knot. An anti-tangle sleeve can be added before tying off.

9. Trim the tag end and 'blob' the end for added security.

10. Attach you chosen hookbait. Any bottom bait, wafter or snowman presentation is preferable.

11. Your blowback rig is ready to go!

Other hook patterns can also be used, additionally a Poltergeist kicker or shrink tubing can be used to aid rig mechanics.

Check out our shop where you can find all the necessary items and tools to make your own blowback rig or follow the quick links below for specific items.

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