Poltergeist Christmas Box

Poltergeist Christmas Box


Christmas Gift Box


A selection of the most popular Poltergeist products presented in a white box with Christmas Ribbon. (If you'd like this as gift that isn't for Christmas, just let us know and we'll change the ribbon to suit)



2x Fluorocarbon Leaders with lead Clips

1x Twin pack of baiting needles (1x small, 1x long)

1x pack of 10 Barrel Swivels

1x pack of 10 Flexi Swivels

1x pack of 10 Heli Quick Link Swivels

1x pack of 20 Hook Stops

1x pack of 10 Fast Links

1x pack of 10 Anti Tangle Sleeves

1x pack of 10 D kickers

1x pack of Tungsten Sinkers

1x pack of 10 Trans Brown Kickers

1x Poltergeist Sticker

1x pack of 10 Hooks (choose between Curves, Wide Gape Twisters or Kranks)


Hook Type

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