Perseverance pays...

Poltergeist team member Shane Williams got in touch after a recent session on the bank ended in the best way possible! Here’s what Shane had to say....

"Perseverance pays dividends!

I headed to my local water first thing on Saturday morning with the mind set that it would be busy, busy meaning about 4-6 anglers on but to my surprise the lake was completely empty! I have been watching the fish for the last few weeks making note of their patterns. After doing a lap of the lake I found maybe 20-30 fish holding up towards the shallower end of the lake just over a big gravel bar. My method was to heavily bait during the day to push the fish out as I knew they would return later in the evening/night. After putting out 5kg over my spots I let them rest for the afternoon.

I opted for Poltergeist silt/blacker leaders with matching lead clip and tail rubbers as well as Poltergeist dark silt coated braid, using this to make up my own version of the German rig. A washed out pink plum and garlic pop up was my hookbait of choice knowing that pink is a good winner on my water.

My spots were primed and ready. Darkness fell and I knew that I had done all I could. Now only time would tell...

Just after 10pm that evening a single beep from my left hand rod followed by a one toner excelled me to my feet! After a short battle the fish headed into a massive weed bed! Now questioning my self if the fish was still on I dragged what I can only describe as a boulder of weed towards me and over my net cord. I suddenly found myself on my hands and knees scooping weed away as suddenly I was greeted by what is probably the most stunning fish I’ve ever caught! Weighing in at just under 22lb of scale perfect mirror! One happy fella to say the least!

I would like to take this opportunity for a massive shout out to our main man over at Poltergeist tackle for kitting me out and helping me catch a fish of a lifetime!"

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There’s only one question that remains, Shane DARES TO BE DIFFERENT, DO YOU??

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