Night under the stars

Poltergeist consultant Tom Blackmore has been in touch after a recent session here’s what he had to say....

"Quick over nighters are a big part of my fishing. Only having 12-18 hours makes catching fish hard work at times. I got down the lake a little earlier than usual this week, which gave me an extra couple of hours to walk around. After walking the lake 3 times I decided on a small corner down the deeper end of the lake. With all the hot weather the fish had spent a lot of time in the shallows, however at night they most definitely headed for the deeps. With this in mind the rods were set on a couple of spots I previously fished. Fix 8 whole, chopped and crumbed 18+14mm were spodded out to the spots followed by a solid bag of fix 8 pellet and crumb. I decided to use my hand rolled hook baits and size 4 hooks on blow back rigs.

As the night started to draw in I sat with my dad and a friend having a chat about the lake and what we hoped for going forwards. I joked to my dad a 30 would be nice.....Around 21:30 I headed to my bed. I had decided a night under the stars was in order due to the heat. After getting myself sorted I was just about to get onto my bed when I was alerted by two bleeps, followed by a drop back, fish on!

Only using 9ft 2.75TC rods you can really feel everything. I knew I was into a good fish. As it got closer and closer the realisation was it was definitely a lump. I watched it roll In front of me 3 times before slipping it into the net. I immediately looked in the net and recognised the fish as one know as “black scale” I knew it was an upper 20 after a mate having it at 28 earlier in the season.

Getting it onto the mat and looking down I couldn’t believe it could it go 30?....up on the scales 30lb 15oz!!! YESSSS! Echoed across the lake! A new PB mirror for me and I was buzzing!!!

Rod back out on the spot still buzzing I just laid on my bed chair, before I knew it 23:30 rolled around and the same rod was away away again. After an intense battle a 23lb 10oz common was in the net! Rod reset, an hour goes by, still haven’t been to sleep...two bleeps and another drop back fish on! Another mental fight taking me up the inside margin in search of a tree in the water. Few hairy moments come and passed and it was in the net. 25lb 14oz! A repeat capture from a few weeks back but still absolutely welcome.

Couple of hours went by of not much activity other than crashing fish. I still hadn’t been to sleep by this point as I was unbelievably buzzing. 4am struck and down come the rain. Setting up a shelter at 4am is not the one but still shelter up and back on the bed... still no sleep. 5am the other rod starts with a few bleeps after hitting into it and reeling down the fish had actually somehow swam directly at me managed to get snagged on someone else’s line that had snapped off round a huge lump of weed and caused a nightmare on my line I would never of solved in the pitch black with a fish on! Only one thing for it, rod down and I got hold of the line and hand played it in. Luckily this was a very forgiving fish and made its way in nicely. Got that fish straight in the sack and reset both rods.

5:30am both rods are out, I just bent down to retrieve my sack and the rod I'd put out no more than 2 mins ago went into melt down. Another quick battle, a few rolls and in the net. At this point I decided I’d sort the two fish I had rather than put the rod back out. First one went 20lb 5oz, this was the fish I hand lined in, and the second went 20lb 1oz. 6am I’m completely destroyed but wow what a session! Four 20s and a 30! Unbelievable. I actually went to bed at 6am and in a strange way I was happy for some sleep 💪🏻🎣"

Poltergeist size 4 curve shank hooks and clear ghost leaders helped Tom land these awesome fish....


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