Dominating Storm Dennis

Poltergeist team member Damian Wheway hit the banks during storm Dennis! Here's what happened....

"Having arrived at the venue late in the day at the start of the predicted storm, I quickly opted for a swim on the end of the savage wind hoping the fish would be favouring my side of the lake. This time my venue of choice being Brasenose 1 on the Linear complex. With only a couple of hours of light remaining, I found a good solid spot at 21 wraps, a small patch of gravel amongst the silt with a depth of 19 feet, and proceeded to spod the area with my chosen particle mix and boilies. Having set up camp for the next few days, the traps were set and immediately noticed the progressive intensity of the coming storm. A few hours in, just after dark, having made a handful of Ronnie rigs comprising of Poltergeist size 6 curve hooks, spinner swivels, micro ring swivels, hook stops and tungsten putty, I was into my first fish. It was a relieving sight to see it cross the cord and I was over the moon to see it looked decent too. A lovely mirror tipping the scales at 27lb 4oz. What a start! The night was long and slow, the wind and hail kept me up for most of it and it was quiet on the fishing front too. The morning consisted mostly of relentless spombing, rig tweaking and generally keeping my kit from blowing away but just before midday I was blessed with the unmistakable sound of a single toner! Fish number 2 fought hard and another 20+ in the net. A third mirror made an appearance 5 hours later, a little bigger than the last at 23lb. 3 on the bank from 3 takes, and the new end tackle from Poltergeist I had just started to use was proving to be faultless. The next 24 hours was quiet, although the weather wasn't. Gale force winds and heavy showers continued to batter me and my bivvy but there was work to be done. Another 15 or 20 kilos of bait onto the spot in preparation for the imminent next bite. Again around midday with the spod rod in hand, my right hand rod screamed into action after just 3 minutes in the water. This time another chunky mirror at 25lb nailed perfectly in the centre of its bottom lip. Shortly after I was in again on the middle rod, a 26lb 8oz mirror. This time on a Poltergeist size 6 wide gape on a blowback rig using Poltergeists new coated braid. The next night was again fruitless but this gave me a chance to tie new rigs with my new terminal components. A couple more Ronnie's and a stiff hinge rig using the stiff boom section I had recently acquired. More bait out a bit of grub and time to get some kip. The next morning had a nice break in the storm, although I had noticed the water level had risen about 4 inches the wind had dropped, the sun was out and things looked very carpy. At 10am there was a beep from my left rod, then another, then came the screamer! Thankfully the waders were on as when I lifted into this one it felt like something special. I called the chap in the next peg to come and reel in my other lines because this fish was having none if it and took me all over the place. 10 minutes or so later it graced the net and my suspicions were confirmed, it was a unit and exactly what I was here for. 33lb on the nose and this one made fighting the elements for 3 days absolutely worth it. I managed one more fish before my departure, another mirror at 17lb. All in all a great session despite the conditions and just goes to show winter fishing can be just as productive as any other time of the year providing you're on the fish, the bait is good and of course your rigs are the best they can be. Mine were and here's the proof..."

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